Cynthia Speech Engine


  • Cyng is a language that I wrote for programming Cynthia to say an utterance with specific prosodic details. The structure of the Cyng language is similar in concept to the ToBI labelling system. Each Cyng program labelled for speech has a tune tier for specifying a transcription of the intonation. There is a text tier for providing the text to be read. There is also a rhythm tier used for computing durations of phonetic segments segments.
    • Modeling - Cyng can be used to try to model the prosody of real recorded utterances.
    • Music - Cynthia can also be programmed to "sing" by specifying a melody instead of an intonation transcription.
  • Intonation - These are some of my early example of Cynthia's intonation.
  • Rhythm - These are some of my early experiments with rhythm. I am currently doing my MPhil thesis on rhythm and timing.
  • CPbet is the phonetic encoding alphabet that Cynthia uses.
  • Cynthia's very first speech examples can be found here.

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