Sample Cynthia Sounds

Cynthia is my project to help me learn phonology. It is a basic synthesizer and I have just begun. I will occasionally put new sounds here as it progresses.
  • 09-17-01 - This is my first experiment with word level intonation. It is the word sprint.
  • 09-02-01 - Cynthia can now parse sentences into phonological phrases.
  • 07-09-01 - This is an example of Cynthia's 'Southern' accent.
  • 02-27-01 - Cynthia sounds out new words much like we do. This is how Cynthia says Jabberwocky.
  • 02-26-01 - I discovered that due to an overgeneralization of one of my phonological rules, Cynthia now speaks with a South Georgia accent. :-)
  • 02-25-01 - Cynthia is learning the Southern dialect.
  • 02-21-01
  • This is what Cynthia sounded like at the very beginning of the project.